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Reaction to Students Drinking Alcohol in Schools

The issue of students drinking alcohol in schools is a current one being addressed in many schools. Some schools have gone as far as banning water bottles because it has been found that students are replacing the water in their bottles with alcohol. This is becoming more and more common among both high school and middle school students.

While banning water bottles may be helping the school control this problem, many parents are concerned about their child not being able to consume enough water to stay properly hydrated. This has placed many parents and students in these schools in an uncomfortable position and perhaps making the decision to get around the system by hiding/smuggling their water bottles inside their backpacks and sneaking drinks when they think they can get away with it. Of course, this leaves these parents possibly also feeling like they are teaching their children to cheat if they don’t agree with the rules and risking getting in trouble or even being suspended from school.

The availability of Chemeleon Water Bottles can help work toward a solution to this dilemma; eliminating this concern on both sides, for school administrators and parents.

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