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Each year, it is estimated that millions of men and women will unwittingly consume an odorless, colorless, and tasteless so called "date rape drug" unknowingly slipped into their drink, thereby leaving them vulnerable to robbery, kidnapping, or drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), A.K.A. date rape. Your safety should be standard. Meet the new standard.


We at DrinkSavvy hold the crazy belief that your evenings should be spent having fun. That's why we are developing trendy new DrinkSavvy cups, glasses, and straws/stirrers that look and function normally, except they will immediately change color to warn you when someone slips a date rape drug into your drink. Translation? You get 100% effortless and continuous monitoring of your drink throughout the night, because the same DrinkSavvy drinkware that you are already drinking with is also the color changing material that makes invisible drugs visible.

While we know this solution to end DFSA is long overdue, we are still developing our product for commercial release and will have them available ASAP!

D1_Drink with stirrer with drugs.jpg
D2_Drink with stirrer being drugged.jpg
D3_Drink with stirrer with drugs (red).j
D4_Drink with stirrer removed with drugs
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