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Rapid, instrument-free diagnostics at the point-of-need

About Us


Chemeleon has created a novel platform technology for rapid, accurate, and affordable diagnostics that are capable of detecting a broad range of analytes including drugs, proteins, and viruses. This proprietary, sample-to-answer format provides a colorimetric readout in minutes, visible to the naked eye, without the need for any readers, instruments, equipment, or training, providing truly decentralized testing that can enable clinicians to extend the point-of-care beyond the clinic.

Colorimetric Sensing For a Safer World

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Improves early diagnosis, detecting and monitoring potential or specific health conditions.

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Reduces time to treatment from hours / days to minutes, supplementing lab-based testing with clinician-administered tests.

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Provides EMTs a tool to diagnose and route patients to hospitals more efficiently. 

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Provides low resource areas diagnostics where lab equipment is scarce or nonexistent.

Neurosurgery at hospital

Medical Solutions
Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak Detection

As the first application of Chemeleon’s platform technology, we have developed a colorimetric cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) diagnostic that can be administered without the need for instrumentation, providing clinicians with a visible yes or no read-out in under 5 mins.

Delayed detection of CSF leaks results in worsened patient outcomes, increased patient morbidity, and additional healthcare costs for millions of individuals each year.

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CSF detection in 5 minutes

Chemeleon point-of-care diagnostic device
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Minimal training required

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Instrument-free testing

NEWS: Chemeleon Awarded SBIR Phase II Grant From the National Institutes of Health

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Partner With Us

We welcome inquiries from all interested collaborators and investors who share our goal to improve early detection with accessible, affordable, decentralized, and advanced point-of-care / point-of-need diagnostics. To begin a discussion and learn more about how we can achieve our goals together, please reach out to us via our contact form.


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